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1 Line, Red Programmable Scrolling LED Window Display


  • Easily enter text and motion
  • Highly durable, 100,000+ hours estimated LED lifetime
  • Viewable from up to 80 feet away
  • Simple communication methods with signs
  • The LED sign works for the business 24/7
There's a reason our LED window displays average a 22-28% sales increase
Impulse buying works plain and simple.

The secret that Las Vegas has known for years, and store-owners are starting to understand, is that LED displays are a low-cost, effective form of advertising. They are able to grab potential customer's attention and bring your business to the forefront of their awareness. Research has shown that LED signs as an advertising medium are much cheaper then other mediums, such as TV, radio and newspaper advertising. Here are some statistics about LED signs as a form of advertising.

We offer commercial-grade LED displays specifically designed for window viewing. The HighBright LED's ensure your sign will be highly visible day and night, and they are so bright that they can even be seen in the glare of the sun!

Don't take chances on cheap imports that quickly wear out and are not bright enough to grab your customer's attention. Our commercial-grade LED displays have proven their quality for the 18 years of our companies existence, and come with a 1-year guarantee.

Tech Specs

Viewing Distance
Up to 24 Metres (75 Feet)
Character Height
2" = 60mm
Characters Per Line
16/24/32/40 CPL
LED Colors
Red, Yellow, Blue, Pure Green, White


Use these signs in your retail location to quickly post information in eye-catching, attention-grabbing text. Post daily specials, sales, public service announcements, discounts and featured products to inform customers and keep them coming back.

These signs can also be used in financial institutions, banks, conventions, pubs and restaurants.


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